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Selected Drawings from The Daily Cat Doodle by Jean Tuttle

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Selected Posts from The Daily Cat Doodle

The Daily Cat Doodle archive now contains over a hundred posts, which you can browse or search via keyword on the blog’s home page. Here’s a list of a few of my favorites for quick reference.

Tribute to Designer Priscilla Tuttle (aka Mom)

Priscilla Doodle Party

For my mother’s birthday this past July, I rounded up 1950s-era doodles made by Jim Lunde, one of her colleagues in the design department at The Container Corporation of America. The resulting post, Priscilla Doodle Party, is one of my favorites. (Jim Lunde was a genius!)

The Courtship of Max & Flora Mouse

Flora & Max

Any Twilight Fans out there? If so, you may enjoy the blog post Flora & Max for its references to the inter-species love affair between human Bella & vampire Edward. (Plus, check out the doodle reenactment of the famous scene in the parking lot where Bella nearly gets crushed and Edward saves the day.)

Kid’s Artwork

Jean Tuttle Drawings Age 4

If you like looking at drawings made by other people’s kids, you are likely in the minority, but may enjoy the post Kid Stuff, which contains a few of mine. There’s a pretty nice portrait of George Washington in here that I drew at my (apparent) creative peak, at age 6.

Monkey Biz by Priscilla

Cavemen Paper Dolls by Priscilla Tuttle

When I can, I like to work some of my mother’s artwork into the blog, since her images always delight and inspire me, and remind me where I got my itch to draw. This post for Mothers Day contains a mini-tribute to my mom, Priscilla Tuttle, and includes a few examples of things she made for us when we were kids.

Costumes & Customs

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Cartoon

I’ve always kind of dug Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, both as characters and artists. Costumes & Customs shows Charlotte and Daisy Mouse decked out as the famous pair for a costume party on a recent trip to Mexico.



This post was inspired by the film Casablanca, which I went to see a digitally-remastered copy of last March on the big screen, in honor of its 70th anniversary. This cartoon is a bit on the talky side, but if you are a Casablanca fan, you just might like this one, too.

So Many Birthdays, So Little Time

Birthday Cake

Our cat Blackie loves to bake, so there are probably a dozen different cake doodles in the archive, in honor of various friends’ birthdays. Once you’re on The Daily Cat Doodle home page, just do a keyword search for birthdays and they’ll all pop right up.

Angie’s Oscar-worthy Gams

Angelina’s Leg

Every now and then, The Daily Cat Doodle chronicles news outside the household. The Red Carpet includes cats and mice wearing my favorite fashions from the 2012 Academy Awards, including those worn by Rooney Mara, Michelle Williams, and of course, Angelina.

Flipping the Bird

Madonna Halftime Show

I also had to tune in when Madonna gave her much anticipated halftime show at the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI. (Whatever you think of her, like Charlotte, she’s a star, and not to be ignored.) My favorite part of this doodle though was sneaking in a reference to singer MIA’s naughty gesture in the background.

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The Cast of Characters

Photo of Charlotte

Charlotte, an elegant tortie, loves fashion and hunting. Alas, she hates Max.

colored rule Photo of Blackie

Blackie, a dapper tuxedo cat, carries an unrequited torch for Charlotte.

colored rule Photo of Max

Max is the only one of the cats who, in real life, isn’t a mouser. So all the mice love him.

colored rule Photo of Flora Mouse

Flora Mouse is Max’s girlfriend. She is a romantic and loves the movie, Twilight, for its interspecies love theme.

colored rule Photo of Giselle

Giselle is Charlotte’s French maid. She loves to cook, but not to clean.

colored rule Photo of Daisy Mouse

Daisy Mouse is Charlotte’s personal assistant and frequent travel companion.

colored rule Photo of Little Mouse

Little Mouse is Flora’s niece. When I go on trips to Wisconsin, she gladly comes along.

colored rule Photo of Aaron

Aaron is the other resident artist, taking over any creative tasks I’m not able to get to. He and Blackie are pals.

colored rule Photo of Baby Woot

Baby Woot joined the household at Easter, when Charlotte found her inside a chocolate egg. Her first name is Stella.


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